Total Funds Raised: $13,859.00

Susan Strides 4 CF

A walk to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis

To all the People I need to thank:

First to my Family for their time and continued support and encouragement.

My husband Chris and son Eric in Canada, who together have spent hours building me a great web page. Chris has taken the ‘brunt’ of my frustrations and stress and been very patient with me, as well as taking care of me and my co-walkers on the road. When I had no-one else to walk with me he has been driving and walking as well, so he has walked a very long way too. (Possibly about 3/4 of the distance.)

My wonderful daughters and their spouses, Emma and Luke, Amelia and Jarrod, for all their support and encouragement. Amelia was a fantastic help when Chris was unable to drive one weekend because of another commitment. Jarrod and Luke both joined in with walking as photos will attest. Tehya-Rose joined us when she could and young Justin joined in this year too. They both did fantastically, especially on the last day when they both walked 14km!!!. The family also turned out in force to help sell flowers at Victor Harbour for which I am very grateful. Besides, we had great fun. Word of advice, if you are going around selling flowers, have three cute 5 & 6yr old boys help you. It makes a HUGE difference!! ;-)

Craig Delainy, who walked with me for a week last year, then two days again this year, as well as helping sell roses, has been so very supportive and continuously thinking of ways we can increase our fundraising. He has done that this year with his 'red laces' round at the junior football he coaches. Craig has been encouraging when I have felt rather overwhelmed by what needed to be done. His wife Jess has been quietly helping too. Their son Jackson (6), was my third little helper selling Roses. Thank you all so very much, I wish you every happiness.

Brenton Delainy, Craig's dad, who took over the distribution of my posters and fliers in Victor Harbour when I was really getting behind. He did a much better job of it than I could have done.

Alexandrina community radio, Radio Goolwa Alex-FM 96.3FM. Your help with publicity has been especially amazing. Thank you all so very much for your wonderful help but especially Sally. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done, Sally, you are a very special lady. Keep up the great work.

Cure4CF and CFSA for all their help and encouragement, especially Kerry Southwell and Nicky Titchener. Thank you for the meetings and all your great advice and time. I really enjoyed your company when you were able to join me Nicky. Thanks also to Peter who helped with the launch and publicity with his video camera.

Thanks also to my financial supporters:

  • Worldwide Printing Norwood for their generous gift of printing all my fliers
  • Mrs Mary Batley for her very generous financial support
  • Paradise Motors for their generous financial support
  • Adelaide Plains Football Umpires Association for their generous financial support.
  • Kathmandu for their help with gear for myself and Tehya-Rose
  • FHfullhammer for their very generous donation of t-shirts and the printing of them.

The other people (non-family members) who joined in with walking along the way, Sandy De Lane, Val and Graham Roberts (who not only walked for 2 days each but also fed us dinner on one of those days!) and Nicky Titchener. You all helped more than you can know in making the distance seem so much shorter. Apart from Nicky, I have met all of the other people through the CFSA ‘Grandparents Day’ which helps to show the value of this support network. We all want to do what we can for our beloved children and grandchildren.

To Eileen M Redman who donated publicity through Facebook, many thanks for your generosity and your words of encouragement

To all the people who helped and donated and followed my journey along the way, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done.

If I have missed anyone, I am very sorry, but please know that I appreciate all you have done to help and support.

Yours gratefully


This is why you do not do things like 'adding up' when you are tired. Unfortunately I had made a 'double' entry in my excel sheet (to the tune of $2,000+) and have only just discovered it. So now my total is not as good as I thought it was. :-( The corrected total to date is $13,859. Still not a bad total, but I am sorry to have misled you all.

Well it is done!! I officially finished my walk this afternoon at Peace Park, North Adelaide, arriving at 3pm. Many thanks to my family and Mandy and Josh Weller who all walked in with me today. Many thanks to both CFSA and Cure4CF for being there, as well as the friends who also came to greet me. Thanks to Channel 9 who were there too, for helping to promote awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. I have so many people to thank that I can't do it properly here. So I will put my mind to writing a proper thanks to you all when I am better rested and can make more sense, as well as let you know the final tally of donations.

Good night and Bless you all.

Well that was the shortest, but not the easiest, of walks today. Of course, I chose to walk into the wind!! How silly is that?? It was very strong and very cold!! But it is done now, and just leaves the last 13.5km to go on Sunday. I sure hope the BOM has the forecast correct!

Start at the West Beach end of the Linear Park (the end of the Torrens) at 10am Sunday and head East!! Hope to see you there or somewhere along the way.

Today, for my 3rd last walk, I had the good company of Nicky Titchener for most of the way. We seemed to set a good pace in the ideal conditions and I got to Glenelg Jetty at lunch time.

Tomorrow, at 11am, I will walk 6km back towards Glenelg from West Beach (where the Linear Park starts) so I can shake my can in Glenelg when I have finished. I didn't want to shake my can today because I felt it was a day for people to give to the RSL.

I have to say that those hills we came across today seemed so very steep!!

Chris and I set off a bit after 10am, heading for Port Noarlunga and Hallett Cove, stopping and collecting donations in the old part of Port Noarlunga on the way. Emma, Luke and kids caught up with us on Dyson Road, as did the Weller family. Tehya walked for a while, and set quite a pace for me until she got half way up the first big hill (when she jumped into the car with Chris). Emma, Luke (Cole) and Mandy Weller then walked the rest of the way with me to the Hallett Cove railway station.

Looks like I will be having an enforced rest day because of the forecast of RAIN tomorrow. Showers for the rest of the week, I can deal with ... but NOT the rain.

So I will set off again on Wednesday from the Hallett Cove railway station to Glenelg.

Today we walked from McLaren Flat to Pt Noarlunga South, via Seaford and Moana Beach.

We picked up Amelia and Jarrod on the way and they walked with me, with Jarrod sharing the driving and walking with Chris. It was a very pleasant day with visits to a few wineries and of course the obligatory coffees (or in this case iced coffees and milk shake).

We left at 10am and finished at 3:30pm at the end of Fremantle Rd on the Esplanade Port Noarlunga South.

This where we will pick up at 10am tomorrow and head towards Hallett Cove.

Today was a beautiful day for walking. Although the distance travelled is not high, it does include all the shops and businesses we went into to get donations.

We left Willunga at 9:30am and made good time to McLaren Vale, even stopping at a couple of wineries along the way. Then the very long main street took us about 2 hours with so many businesses - and lunch at Bracegirdles. We then headed for McLaren Flat, stopping at a few more wineries, and finally getting to our destination at 3:15pm.

We have decided to come home tonight as we are now about equidistant from either direction. Tomorrow we hope to get to Noarlunga.

We will endeavour to leave McLaren Flat Post Office, 30 Main Road, at 10am heading west along Chalk Hill Road, and seeing how far we get towards Moana or thereabouts.

As far as walking was concerned, today was a 'washout' (excuse the pun). It has been very wet where I wanted to walk, so we went into Seaford and Noarlunga shopping centres instead and asked people to part with some of their coins. I thank all who donated very much for their generosity.

Tomorrow should be a little drier and hopefully I can walk to McLaren Vale then. If so, I will start outside 89 Main Road Willunga at 10am.

As you can see I didn't go far today. I felt really tired and my legs just wouldn't go properly, so I have had half a day off. We started out at 9am, but as it was still warm from overnight, and getting hotter with the north wind, I decided to quit in Willunga, at Chalk Hill vineyards, where we had a lovely visit with Di Harvey. After that, we went to the bank in McLaren Vale, and then visited another friend who lives there. So, a day of social outings plus banking of donations.

Donations? $10,500 so far. Many thanks to the donors who have helped along the way.

Tomorrow I will start from 89 Main Rd Willunga (Chalk Hill), go to McLaren Vale, McLaren Flat and who knows how much further. If the weather is like today, that will be quite enough.

Today was a bit 'messy': I had to go back to Adelaide for an eye injection, so Chris and Craig walked the first half alone. I eventually caught up with them at Aldinga. Craig and I then walked on to Seaford while Chris drove the support car and walked some of the way. It was quite hot and hard to do today so I 'take my hat off' to Craig who did the whole walk. He look shattered at the end, and I only hope he got home before he fell asleep!

We were welcomed into Seaford by Margaret Green of Beyond Bank and served afternoon tea, which was very welcome. Many thanks Margaret and also to Kerry Southwell from Cure4CF who also came to greet us.

The wonderful Craig left me today as he has commitments at home involving moving house as well as helping Jess. Thank you for your time, Craig, and for your help on Sunday.

Tomorrow's forecast is for hot weather, so I will set out early and only do a short walk into Willunga before the heat really gets too much.

What a great day we have had. Chris, Craig and I left Yankalilla at 10am and headed up the hills. It was hard work. After about 2-3km, Nicky Titchener from CFSA joined us for about the next 10km before she had to leave - but not until her husband Peter did a short interview that can be seen on Facebook. (Boy, I really have to stop frowning!!!!)

After that, Craig and I continued our walk to Myponga for a lunch break. That's where I managed to get a few more people to part company with some of their coins. Many thanks to all who donated.

I don’t know the exact amount but I am confident that we have now raised over $10,000. What a generous lot of people there are in the world.

Tomorrow we will be walking from Sellicks Beach to Seaford where, at 3pm, we will be given an afternoon tea by Beyond Bank (who have promised $200 towards my fundraising).

As I must have an injection (which cannot be postponed) tomorrow, Chris and Craig will start the walk without me, and I will join then as soon as I can. I hope there aren’t too many more big hills.

Today was Rose Selling Day. All went very well, just not as fast as I had hoped. But let's face it, I had great expectations of people flocking to the Roses and fighting to get them. :-)

Truthfully, I had a wonderful lot of people helping, and we had hoped to get in some walking time. Many thanks to Emma, Luke, Tehya, and Justin. Next, I must thank Mandy, Greg, Jessica and Joshua Weller and Craig, Jess, Jackson and Jye Delaney,

If you want to sell roses, having three 5 & 6 year-old little boys with the 'cute factor' really helps. But so does having beautiful young ladies helping too.

We will be back to walking in earnest tomorrow (Monday), leaving Yankalilla Post Office at 10am, and heading for Myponga.


Today I picked up the roses for tomorrow's sale, then went down to Normanville for the launch of the Fleurieu Festival. It proved to be a lovely day. We shook the can and got lots of donations. Many thanks to all who donated. Also got to talk to a few people who have worked (nursed) CF children in the distant, and not so distant, past. That was very interesting. Otherwise we just enjoyed the great entertainment and atmosphere.

Met up with Craig (who will be walking for a couple of days), Jessica and baby Jye. What a cute one he is!

On the way back to Adelaide, we delivered some of our gear to Sellicks Beach where we will be staying for the next week.

Hopefully the roses will sell quickly tomorrow and leave us time to go walking towards Myponga from Normanville.

Sleep beckons. Good night, and thanks for reading my comments.

Okay, so today I walked just 5km from Yankalilla to Normanville. I have learnt that there is to be the launching of the Fleurieu Festival at Normanville tomorrow (Saturday). Several people have said I would be mad not to take advantage of the crowds there, so we plan to be there about 12 mid-day. From that aspect we moved our van back to Adelaide tonight instead of tomorrow, as it was getting too stressful thinking of trying to move out of camp on Saturday and get back to Adelaide in time to pick up the roses for Sunday.

Also some wonderful friends have offered us the use of their house in Sellicks Beach for a few days. That will be so much more comfortable than the tent trailer.

The weekend plan is to be at Normanville on Saturday, and we will see if there will be any walking towards Myponga. On Sunday we will be selling roses at Victor Harbour and, depending on how quickly they do or do not sell, we could be doing a little bit of the walk. It will depend entirely on the sales and tidying up afterwards. Also on Sunday, I will be talking to Ashley Walsh on the ABC at 10:20 (just in case you are interested).

What a lovely day to walk: it started out cool, and then got up to 26 degrees.

I had Val Roberts with me today. What lovely company she and Graham have been this week. They have helped the kms just melt away before I even noticed, and what great stories they had to tell of their lives on farms.

We set off from 'Rock Cafe' at about 10:15 this morning, and walked to Inman Valley where we stopped for an early lunch (at 11:15). We then headed for Yankalilla along an idyllic, albeit very winding, road. The scenery down this way is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully I will get some pics downloaded tonight.

After walking 19km, we arrived in Yankalilla at 3:00 and met people who had been waiting for us to arrive!! Many thanks to the generous people who donated, and gave us information about the Festival starting tomorrow.

We will leave from the Yankalilla POST OFFICE at 10:00 tomorrow. If you feel like a walk, and don't mind helping to shake a can, please feel free to join us anywhere along the way.

Graham Roberts was very good company today, keeping me well entertained with his stories.

We started from the Victor Horbour Information Centre at 12:15 and walked until 3:45 when we reached a gem of a cafe called "Rock View" in Inman South. It is well worth a stop as their scones and cream are THE BEST, and the owners are so lovely.

Today's weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful, and the countryside gorgeous. Tomorrow (Thursday 13th) promises to be another perfect day for walking. We will leave the Rock View Cafe at 10am, with coffee in hand, and return there for scones on our way back to camp in Goolwa. :-)


Set off from Pt Elliot's famous Bakery at 10am with two extra walkers: Helga whom we met at the Rotary Club meeting last evening, and Graham Roberts. Helga walked for about an hour and then went back to her car and to Goolwa. Many thanks for your effort and company Helga. It was lovely to have you along and to get to know you a bit more. Graham is the husband of Val who walked yesterday. We didn't have to go far to get to Victor Harbour, but after walking around the streets and asking for donations we did about 11km (if we totalled the distance walked by each individual, it would have been about 50km altogether).

Many thanks to every one who donated today, it has been a very good day and we are all very grateful.

We were so busy we forgot to get photos, so I will have to remember tomorrow.

As I have an early morning appointment in Adelaide, I will be leaving the Victor Information Centre at 12 noon tomorrow and heading for Encounter Bay and then starting toward Inman Valley.

Set of at 10am from Goolwa Tourist Information Centre for Middleton and Pt Elliot, but stopping at businesses to ask for donations meant that it took quite some time to actually leave town. Val and Graham Roberts tracked us down on the edge of town and Val walked with us to Pt Elliot. It was so nice to have a companion for the whole distance, to be talking about something different, and to catch up on their travels since we met a year ago. (When by myself, I usually end up counting steps !!) Chris did his usual 'leapfrogging' and walk for about half the distance as the volume of traffic meant that he had to stay in the car a bit more.

Went to a meeting of the Rotary Club of Goolwa this evening and had the chance to talk for a few minutes about what I am doing. The response was great and many thanks to the members of RC Goolwa for having us and for giving me the time to tell you about my project.

Tomorrow Graham Roberts and a couple of Rotarians will walk all, or at least some, of the way to Victor Harbour with me. I will leave Pt Elliot from the 'famous' Bakery at 10am.

Well I really think the weather is 'out to get me'! A very wet and windy day, but I managed to walk into town and visit the market that was suffering badly from the weather this morning. Then on to the 'Aquafest' that was better attended, but still a sorry affair for all there as the seas were very rough for them, I think, and very windy and cold. I then continued over to Hindmarsh Island and back again. Nearly got blown over in the wind and had a hat blown off my head and into the sea. Fortunately it was an old one that didn't matter too much.

It was great to have Amelia as my safety driver come coach this weekend while Chris attended a Rotary training weekend. Thanks so much Amelia. Thanks also to Sally who braved the wind and cold to meet me over at H I.

Pics tomorrow, getting late now, especially as I didn't get much sleep last night worrying about if the tent would be blown over.

Another short day today, but very pleasant in lovely weather and with good company: daughter Amelia, sister Robyn and niece Louisa. We set off from the campsite at 11.40 for Currency Creek where we began our walk to Goolwa. We met some of the staff from Radio Goolwa Alex-FM 96.3 who walked into town with us. (It is so much easier when there are two or more walking; one doesn't notice the distance, weather or time.) We shook our cans in the town and got some wonderful donations. Thank you everyone who did donate, it is very much appreciated by myself and all the people out there with Cystic Fibrosis.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I will go over to Hindmarsh Island and see how far I get. It is supposed to be much cooler and wetter tomorrow. I do wish the weather would make up it's mind about what it is doing!!

I will go to the markets in the morning and, when my driver (Amelia) arrives, across to the island to be at the Taverna at 11.30am. So, how about joining me?!

Last, but not least, many thanks to Radio Goolwa Alex-FM 96.3 (again) and thanks also to the "cafelicious" for your generosity; you have been great and have great coffee and crepes too!! We will be back...!

I finally met the wonderful Eileen Redmond (Small Business Marketing and Advertising) who has been my FB pal for a little while now and has done so much publicity for me on FB. Thank you so very much for your generosity. It was only today that 'it clicked' that this must be your business. So please forgive me and thanks so much for walking with us into Goolwa and having coffee with us. I also met her lovely husband whom I want to call David, but I am pretty sure that is wrong. Please forgive me for not remembering right now, but it will come back to me later.

I confess I didn’t walk far at all yesterday, at least not in an official capacity for this walk. However I did walk into town and visit the radio station Goolwa Alex-96.3fm and had a chat with lovely Sally on-air.

I walked this morning on the road to Currency Creek, detoured to the Currency Creek Winery where we met a lovely young lady, (owner), and had a lovely chat with her. Then I continued on to the Currency Creek CFS fire station, by which time it was too hot for walking so I was glad to stop there, which was my goal for today.

Tomorrow I will leave Currency Creek at the CFS fire station at about 11.30 and plan to arrive at the information board opposite Investigator College at 1.30pm, it is not very far to walk so I can take it easy and have lots of breaks if it gets too hot, I see the forecast is for 37 in Adelaide but I think it is 28 for this area, I sure hope so!!!!

Can’t get the latest pictures off my phone so they will have to wait

We have now moved camp to Goolwa for the next 10-14 days. Am in Adelaide at present after giving a talk about my walk to the Rotary Club of Morialta. Many thanks RC Morialta you made me feel very comfortable and made it easy to tell you about my project and why I am doing it. Back to Goolwa and walking later this morning.

Picked up where we left off yesterday and continued heading to Goolwa. I had decided to by-pass Milang and Finniss, but when I saw a sign that said 1km Finniss, I decided to take it. I was rewarded with a very pretty walk, and then found a “little gem” tucked away there in the middle of horse-breeding country, at least that is the conclusion we came to. If you would like a beautiful meal in a lovely café with atmosphere and lovely friendly staff (and a view of the ‘tardis’), just take a little side trip to Finniss.

I finally got an extra 10km down the road toward Goolwa, and have just 14km to go on Thursday.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday are for appointments, breaking camp in Strathalbyn, and setting up camp once again in the Goolwa Caravan Park.

You can see a photo of where I will resume at 10am on Thursday on our Album page.

As I said last night, a couple of shorter days ahead. I am getting very tired, so need some easy days until the end of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday are days off for moving to Goolwa, and for going back to Adelaide to talk to a Rotary Club about what I am doing.

I had Amanda Weller, Emma, Tehya, Amelia and of course Chris with me today. The weather was cool, but not too cool, so perfect for walking towards Goolwa.

Today Amelia joined me for the day and made the time pass much more interestingly. We stopped at a couple of wineries with little success, but there wasn’t anything else to stop at really. The road was long.

When we arrived back at camp I decided to go over to the local football club where I met some wonderful people who donated generously. Many thanks to you all if you are reading this blog. I really appreciate your generosity and encouragement.

I have decided I need to have a few shorter days over the next 3 days - 20km and more every day is very hard to do consistently. So for the next few days I will limit myself to 10-15km while I catch up on some rest.

That’s all for tonight folks, and sorry there are no pics today.

Started out at 10am at the 44km marker (from Strathalbyn) and walked to the 22km marker, almost outside property number '2191'.

Nothing else to report really. The most exciting things I saw all day were a snake, ants, millipedes and grass hoppers!! :-)

I will set off again at 10am tomorrow, Saturday, from 2191 Langhorne Creek Road, very close to the 22km marker from Strathalbyn, aiming to reach Strathalbyn by about 4pm.

Got a big blister on the edge of my big toe. Very sore, but Blister Block should take care of that!

Got to Meningie at 9.30am today and started shaking my can. Many thanks to all the very generous donors who helped me out today. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

I made up the 3km I missed yesterday, then went back to the Wellington turn off from the Princes Highway and started walking to Wellington and onwards to Langhorne Creek. I stopped at the 44km marker from Strathalbyn, and will restart from there again tomorrow at 10am. Felt rather cold and tired today.

Finally got to Meningie, but had to do the last 3km in the car -- the rain and wind defeated me!! I was being pushed backwards!! So there was no point in trying to continue. I will do those last 3kms tomorrow.

No photos just now as Chris is out with his phone. Will have some to post later if I am still awake, otherwise tomorrow.

Enjoyed watching the little birds playing in the wind. Not sure what they are right now, but hope Chris finds my bird book and I can find out later. It is amazing what you miss in a car: like the rustling sound made by the water reeds when the wind blows through them. It really is very pretty.

Many thanks to the kind people who stopped and donated today, including a German couple on tour. and a young man riding from Perth to Sydney (in a team) to raise funds for “Dystopia”. Altogether they gave more than $65 but, since some of it is in the tin, it won't all get counted for a while.

PS: Chris prefers to call the cans "roadside donations" from drivers who didn't know they would be contributing towards such a worthy cause.

A busy day: I had a meeting which went over time, got home, counted money in tins and other donations, and managed to bank $650!! So, a very big thank you to all the generous people we met in Tailem Bend and at the Wellington Ferry yesterday. Then a very, very big thank you to my friends who gave so generously today. I am very appreciative of you all. My total is now a bit over $4,000.

With a bit of time on our way back to camp from Adelaide this afternoon, I have now reached the 26km marker on the highway to Meningie, and will start walking from there at about 9.30am tomorrow.

22kms, I think! I am sure the Run Keeper said 16 km and then shut down. Then for the walk after our lunch break it said 6.6Km. So it is a bit of a guess this time. But it could be as I did do a lot of walking around town getting good donations before we actually left Tailem Bend.

Have had a good day today. Sandy De Laine walked with me until 1pm, and we had lots of profitable stops along the way. Thanks so much for your help Sandy, and it certainly made the time go faster. I hope your back is okay.

I stopped for the day at about 4pm, at the 17km marker from Tailem Bend on the Princes Highway heading to Meningie. Hopefully I will take up again tomorrow for a couple of hours in the late afternoon and get in another 10km. I have pressing meetings in Adelaide tomorrow morning, so will let you all know how far I do actually get!! Chris has been walking today too.

By the way: if you drive by and see Chris disappearing from the road every so often, it is to accept donations from the highway. He is doing the KESAB thing while adding to the donations through the cans he is collecting :) …it keeps him amused :)

We had a great day, if a little disappointing that no one other than family turned out to walk with me, despite having had a couple of emails from people who said that they would. Nevertheless, many thanks to Nicky and Peter Titchener (CFSA) who made the effort to come up to Murray Bridge to launch the walk for us. With just us there, I really did appreciate your effort.

We had a lovely day walking with a cool breeze up until about 1pm and, with a couple of stops along the way, got to Tailem bend at about 5pm. I will leave there on MONDAY AT 9.00 AM.

As already mentioned, I am having a day off tomorrow because, with the weather forecast of over 35 degrees, I am reluctant to walk too far. I will have Tuesday off as well for other commitments, but will then walk every day until further notice.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to my family for joining me again yesterday. Well done to Amelia for doing the total distance; to Justin (5) who joined in for the first time when it was safe for him to do so; to Tehya-Rose, who did a few kms; and a big thank you to Emma who came and walked more than half of the way after first teaching several classes at the gym - what energy! Lastly, but by far not least, to my sons-in-law who did a sterling job sharing the driving with Chris and walking as well. Thanks fellas. I couldn't have done this so well without your help. I love you all very much.

Tomorrow is the day I set off from the Murray Bridge Visitor Information Centre at 10am. Unfortunately the forecast is for a hot day. And the same again on Sunday when I will be doing the stretch from Tailem Bend to as far as I can toward Meningie.

We have set up camp in Strathalbyn for the next 12 days before going to Goolwa, and it is HOT!! There are a couple of photos of our camp on our Album page if you are interested.


With a predicted maximum of 36 degrees on that day, we will NOT be walking on Sunday!!!

5 Days to go

We have started packing the trailer now - so much to do with so little time left!!

The computer is all better again.

Went to Willunga and McLaren Vale and got a very good response. I hope I can get back that way again on Monday.

After that, it is a case of "What is missed is missed". I am only one person and cannot go any further than I have done. I am so grateful to Brenton Delany who has done SO much work in Victor Harbour for me. The rest is now up to word-of-mouth, Facebook, my web page, and the wonderful advertising I have been getting through the two Community FM radio stations in Victor Harbour and especially Goolwa. Thank you all so very much.

Another busy day yesterday. Down to Victor Harbour by 9am for an interview on 90.1 Happy FM which was great. On to Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island where I left a few more posters and flyers. From there to Middleton to leave more information and finally on to Encounter Bay. On Friday I will need to get to Willunga and places back towards Adelaide.

Today I went to Murray Bridge for an interview with the Murray Valley Standard that will be published on Thursday I hope. Back home and for some housework before going out to two different functions this evening.

Tomorrow will also be very busy with non-walk things. Can't wait to start walking to get some rest :-) !

Due to other "more important" events, I have been forced to change the finishing point of my walk on Sunday, 30th April.

As the Adelaide Crows will be playing a match there that day, I am not allowed to go anywhere near the entrances to the Adelaide Oval in my fund-raising capacity.

Nor can I finish in Elder Park as that is also the day that the "Tasting Australia" Festival will be starting there.

So now I will be finishing in the same place I finished last year: Peace Park, North Adelaide, at the eastern end of Kermode Street.

I just hope the weather is better this year.

Went to Tailem Bend Rotary Club yesterday evening to give a presentation on my walk. Although it was very well received by those at the meeting, I wasn't really happy with the way I presented it. Perhaps it is not a good idea to try and improve things as one is in danger of losing the point a bit. Never mind, we learn from our mistakes.

Then it was another busy one today.

This morning I went to Richmond and recorded an interview with Voice of Rotary. It is to be aired on Radio 5RPH at 7:30pm next Tuesday (14th).

And after that we drove to Goolwa, to Radio Goolwa Alex-FM 96.3. to record two radio promos. They are to be aired a number of times each day until I have finished my walk through Goolwa.

What incredibly lovely people there are in this world: the volunteers who keep community radio station Radio Goolwa Alex-FM 96.3 running are planning all kinds of wonderful things when I come into Goolwa. Their generosity seems to know no bounds. It is wonderful to have this support for Cystic Fibrosis. Thank you Sally, David and your great team!!

I had a lovely day today. My friend Julie came with me to Meningie, to let people there know about my walk, and got a very welcoming reception from all I met.

When I stopped for fuel in Wellington, a lady approached me and asked about what I was doing. She had sad story to tell me and then, as she was leaving, she did what a few others have done: she gave me a big hug and said "thank you" for doing this.

Every time it has happened I feel this walk is worth all the hours of work and the effort of the walk.

This said, it is now only 25 days away!!

As of today, there are just 27 days until I start my walk.

Many thanks all the people who have supported me so far. We now have $1475.00 in the bank.

In the meantime, please make sure you tell as many people as you can about this because I would really like to make the $15,000 target I have set.

This is a list of the various stages and distances, together with a rough estimate of my weekly progress, along my planned route.

From To Stage km Total km
Murray Bridge Visitor Information Centre
3 South Terrace, Murray Bridge SA 5253
Swanport SA 5253 6 6
Swanport SA 5253 Tailem Bend SA 5260 23 29
Tailem Bend SA 5260 Wellington East SA 5259 36 65
Wellington East SA 5259 Meningie SA 5264 27 92
Meningie SA 5264 Wellington East SA 5259 27 119
Wellington East SA 5259 Langhorne Creek SA 5255 41 160
Langhorne Creek SA 5255 Strathalbyn SA 5255 16 176
Strathalbyn SA 5255 Kingsbrook Cafe and Cellar Door
Alexandrina Road, Currency Creek SA 5214
30 206
Kingsbrook Cafe and Cellar Door
Alexandrina Road, Currency Creek SA 5214
Goolwa Visitor Information Centre
LOT 4 Goolwa Terrace, Goolwa SA 5214
6 212
Goolwa Visitor Information Centre
LOT 4 Goolwa Terrace, Goolwa SA 5214
Hindmarsh Island SA 5 217
walk around Hindmarsh island 10 227
Hindmarsh Island SA Goolwa Visitor Information Centre
LOT 4 Goolwa Terrace, Goolwa SA 5214
4 231
Goolwa Visitor Information Centre
LOT 4 Goolwa Terrace, Goolwa SA 5214
Middleton SA 5213 7 238
Middleton SA 5213 Port Elliot Bakery
31 North Terrace, Port Elliot SA 5212
6 244
Port Elliot Bakery
31 North Terrace, Port Elliot SA 5212
Victor Harbor Visitor Information Centre
1 Esplanade, Victor Harbor SA 5211
7 251
Victor Harbor Visitor Information Centre
1 Esplanade, Victor Harbor SA 5211
62 Franklin Parade
Encounter Bay SA 5211
4 255
62 Franklin Parade
Encounter Bay SA 5211
Normanville SA 5204 36 291
Normanville SA 5204 Myponga Market
46 Main South Road, Myponga SA 5202
17 308
Myponga Market
46 Main South Road, Myponga SA 5202
9 Saint Andrews Terrace
Willunga SA 5172
20 328
9 Saint Andrews Terrace
Willunga SA 5172
Aldinga Central Shopping Centre
Aldinga Beach Road, Aldinga Beach SA 5173
9 337
Aldinga Central Shopping Centre
Aldinga Beach Road, Aldinga Beach SA 5173
McLaren Vale & Fleurieu
Visitor Information Centre
796 Main Road, McLaren Vale SA 5171
17 354
McLaren Vale & Fleurieu
Visitor Information Centre
796 Main Road, McLaren Vale SA 5171
McLaren Flat SA 5171 7 361
McLaren Flat SA 5171 McLaren Vale & Fleurieu
Visitor Information Centre
796 Main Road, McLaren Vale SA 5171
6 367
McLaren Vale & Fleurieu
Visitor Information Centre
796 Main Road, McLaren Vale SA 5171
Port Noarlunga South SA 5167 12 379
Port Noarlunga South SA 5167 Hallett Cove Shopping Centre
246 Lonsdale Road, Hallett Cove SA 5158
13 392
Hallett Cove Shopping Centre
246 Lonsdale Road, Hallett Cove SA 5158
Glenelg Beach Hostel
1-7 Moseley Street, Glenelg SA 5045
13 405
Glenelg Beach Hostel
1-7 Moseley Street, Glenelg SA 5045
114A Seaview Road, West Beach SA 5024 6 411
114A Seaview Road, West Beach SA 5024 Peace Park
Sir Edwin Smith Avenue, North Adelaide SA 5006
13 424
More information will be available each day, depending on how far I get in a day and what other little challenges are given to me at the least expected time, as they did last year!!! In other words I have allowed 5 weeks and built-in rest days etc.

38 DAYS TO GO!!!

Oh what a day this has been! I have:

  • Sourced t-shirts to be printed for my walk;
  • Organised signage for our support vehicle;
  • Sorted the necessary insurance;
  • Sorted our accommodation along the route;
  • Been granted a permit to sell roses at Victor Harbour on Easter Sunday;
  • Sourced roses for sale then - just need to order them and arrange pick up;

As well as having had a lot of success with the very friendly people at Strathalbyn yesterday.

Now I am trying to get advertising via papers and Radio. So if anyone has a contact or two PLEASE let me know.

I finally have a new website for my walk for CF. This site is being setup and will have more information very shortly. Thank-you for bearing with me/us while this happens.

The prior year's walk can be found at

Walk plan for 2017

I have decided to call my next walks ” Susan Strides 4CF ”. Thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas. So now starts the planning and getting of sponsorship.

This is what I am planning for 2017. I will start at Murray Bridge and go on down the river to Meningie, then back up and around Lake Alexandrina, Strathalbyn, Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island then back up through Encounter Bay, Victor Harbour, Yankalilla, Willunga and then over to the beach (Aldinga) and wind my way back that way (kinda sorta!!). I will make sure I am in Victor Harbour for Easter and arrive at my finishing point in Adelaide on April 30th.

My next walk :-)

My next walk will be about 420km

WHEN: March 25th to April 30th 2017
Details: Departing Murray Bridge
Arriving at Peace Park, North Adelaide
GOAL: RAISE $15,000 and better awareness of Cystic Fibrosis